Auto Paint Overspray Removal of Texas Onsite Services “custom auto paint reconditioning”  Our mobile crews can be dispatched anywhere nationwide within 24 hours of accepting the claim.  We’re a Houston Texas based company that has repaired thousands of vehicles managing claims all over the USA.  We specialize in the removal of Protective Coatings and Polyurethane spray-foam in the form of overspray damage to vehicles.  These products are very strong and have an adhesive factor to them.  If you own a detail shop and claim to do custom work, you have to present the type work that few others are capable of.  This is what determines wither your work is custom or not.  There is nothing custom about removing surface scratches from a new car that has plenty of clear-coat.  This has been done over and over again by thousands of people on Youtube and other video sites and detail forums.

If your detailing a vehicle and tape over these parts, your not detailing every piece of the vehicle.  The auto trim and moldings pieces have the same oxidation and other damages as the rest of the vehicle.  I spent some time watching demonstration videos from members of the detailing forums from all over the world and noticed that none of them used the clay-bar before they polished a vehicle.  All vehicles have some degree of airborne contaminants, even if their new.  If your not taking the time and effort to remove overspray from a vehicle such as brake dust before you polish it, your not preforming custom work.  I have hundreds of videos streaming all over the world that demonstrate how to repair every piece of a vehicle.

If your using compounds or wet-sanding a vehicle to remove surface scratches, then you are diminishing the clear-coat to some degree.  This action will void the factory warranty.  Think about it, would you buy a vehicle if you knew that it had been wet-sanded.  I’ve came up with several methods to repair auto paint without the use of compounds or wet-sanding.  I’ve also developed a process to remove Protective Marine Coatings paint overspray damage that I call “blading or shaving” vehicle paint.  I use a single edged carbon tipped razor blade to safely remove any type of paint overspray or airborne contaminants.  I’ve repaired thousands of vehicles in this manner and have saved insurers, contractors, and individuals millions over the years.  No one on the planet has ever been able to duplicate my blading process in over 23 years.

The best way to confirm if your preforming custom work is to see if anyone else is preforming the same type of work as you are.  In other words if you make demonstration videos of your work and post them on the most viewed video site in the world, Youtube.  This is a great way to compare your work to others.  Most of the members of auto detail forums don’t really demonstrate their work.  They just tape off a section on a door and repair it, or simply talk about what their going to do for five minutes and never demonstrate their work.  I demonstrate more actual repairs done to vehicles then any of the members of these forums.  last but not least, if your able to Google, Yahoo, or Bing search results for “paint overspray removal companies”  and 99.9% of the videos listed are your videos, you must be doing something right.

Here are some of the many location we have served with our nationwide mobile services.  Atlanta, Augusta, Buckhead, Georgia, Spring Field Illinois, Fort Wayne Indiana, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Mobile, Montgomery, Huntsville, Alabama, St Louis Missouri, Houston, Dallas Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Denton, Amarillo, Texas, Tallahassee, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Florida, Tulsa Oklahoma, Little Rock Arkansas, Nashville, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Raleigh North Carolina, Columbia South Caroline, Sioux Falls South Dakota, Frankfort Kentucky, Topeka Kansas, Denver Colorado, Salt Lake City Utah, Iowa Cedar Rapids, Jackson Mississippi, Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Lansing, Grand Rapid, Michigan, Richmond Virginia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Long Beach Sacramento, San Bernardino, Pasadena, San Diego, California, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas Nevada, Albuquerque New Mexico, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Ohio, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Louisiana, Anchorage Alaska.  No where is off Limits for us !

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